Digistore offers health care providers exclusive storage of medical information that meets or exceeds HIPAA regulations.

Our technicians are under medical oversight and are specifically trained in healthcare records management. This dedication to the security and confidentiality of your files means we exercise extraordinary diligence in the tracking, retrieval, imaging and refilling of those documents. In addition, our health care specific services are designed to bring the medical; enterprise improved patient care, lower costs, and increased efficiency.
    Digital Data Forms
    We work with you and your staff to redesign paper forms so that they become digitally compatible right from the start. We can recreate nearly every form you need so that the data ends up in the system, not on a piece of paper to be filed.

    Hardware and Consulting
    We review your hardware and software systems and recommend th most efficient new technologies for a paperless office. A wide range of systems can now be configured for medical offices of all sizes that reduce paper flow to practically zero.

    Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
    We prepare your office for the wave of the future, fully electronic medical records that are complete, secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.