The limitations of paper are becoming more and more apparent with the demands of today's medical community. Requests for information, multiple requests, employee filing and physical records deterioration are all examples of why the electronic record is becoming the standard.

Our Digistore Services enables medical offices to convert their medical records to digital medium through scanning. We can scan and store the records or teach your staff to scan your records in house. We can help you convert paper records into digital data that can be accessed at anytime!

Our Digistore service allows ready retrieval of any requested chart or X-ray and eliminates record loss. Our service can include a predetermined number of regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries, or an an as needed basis. When you choose Digistore services as part of your record management system, you are going to save time and money. You'll convert on-site storage space to more profitable use, minimize equipment costs, reduce file-tracking errors and have medical experts on call regarding the latest regulations and newest technologies.