Time-consuming document searches. Records security. Storage space costs. Regulatory compliance. Whether your concern is streamlining operations for a more robust bottom line or serving your municipality’s citizens more effectively, paper filing systems pose significant business challenges in the form of increased costs and lost productivity.

DigiStore approaches these paper problems from the executive, records manager, IT and end-user perspectives. The result is a family of solutions that addresses real-world records management issues and fits smoothly into existing workplace rhythms. Digistore also simplifies the life of your IT manager with technology that deploys rapidly and integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

Solve Your Records Storage Problems

Our Digistore service allows ready retrieval of any requested chart or X-ray and eliminates record loss. Our service can include a predetermined number of regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries, or an an as needed basis. When you choose Digistore services as part of your record management system, you are going to save time and money. You'll convert on-site storage space to more profitable use, minimize equipment costs, reduce file-tracking errors and have medical experts on call regarding the latest regulations and newest technologies.